Build Your Own Personalized  Jewelry

Zsupnik Designz creates personalized porcelain jewelry in Hamilton, Montana. Each of our handmade custom jewelry pieces are made of pure porcelain stones and personalized with detailed care so each accessory is a unique, polished representation of your own style. 

Choose from a wide variety of handmade porcelain jewelry pieces and other items including necklaces, bracelets, chokers, pocket watches and shot glasses.  Each special item is personalized with your name, the name of family or friends or a favorite slogan or phrase.

Personalize a heart-shaped pendant for you and a friend or sweetheart to share or select a lovely beaded bracelet or watch for a thoughtful gift.  Our pure-white, elegant porcelain stones are kiln-fired so they can endure years of continuous wear without ever scratching or fading. These beautiful, resilient jewelry collections lock in your special message so you, your friends, family or sweeties can enjoy them for a lifetime. 

Order your own personalized handmade jewelry item for a gift or to keep a comforting reminder or personal motto always close to your heart.   

Pocket Watches
Shot Glasses
Money Clips
Belt Buckles
Key Rings
Zipper Pulls

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